Roger Bryan Quotes

Given enough time, everyone is right. (1/20/19)

Made from an observation about arguments.  As the world and its people are dynamic what is right today could be wrong tomorrow.  What is wrong today could be right 20 years from now.  The only constant is change when observing an objective opinion.

You’ll typically see your worst traits in others before you see them in yourself. (1/20/19)

A personal observation as it relates to business.  I often can dissect another persons business finding overlooked opportunities and areas for scalable improvement.  But in my own business the exact same problem can exist either unnoticed or unresolved.  The question becomes if this is a concision or unconscious action.

The only thing we’ve learned from our quest to know everything is that we know nothing. (1/21/19)

I’m a firm believer in life long learning.  Yet, with each book I read I find countless things I do not know.  Maybe ignorance is bliss.

It is not our mission to figure out who we are.  It is instead our right to be who we want to be. (2/1/19)

The question of “what do I want to be” or “who do I want to be” is an unanswerable question.  It is much simpler to be and to realize that you already are.

Wars are not won by soldiers, they are disposable pawns meant to distract from the larger war won by bankers. (2/9/19)

As a veteran I in now way discount the sacrifice made by our soldiers.  I do realize now that I’m older that soldiers on the field are there only to push decisions made behind closed doors.  Those decisions tend to come down to money.  The country that has the most resources typically wins.  It is the bankers who move the money around.  Control the money and you’ll win your war without firing a single shot.

You tend to miss things when you have to many things to keep track of. (2/19/19)

Multi-tasking never works (over the long game).  The person with a single business and and a single focus has less things to worry about so they are always more successful.  If you have five projects running you’ll miss 80% of what needs to be done to make each successful (factor 1:5).