Are your sites ranking as well as you would like them too?

Are your sites ranking as well as you would like them too?

I Have a Dream - Cheap SEO For All!  How Cheap? How about Free...

A couple years back I hated my job the idea of Cheap SEO hadn't even come to me.  It seemed like I was working myself to death so that someone else could make all the money.  I had tried everything to start a business.  Being from Cleveland, OH there really wasn't much opportunity for me.  Even the best idea seemed to fail because no one around me had any money to buy these great services I was trying to sell... (well I thought they were great)

I started following a bunch of online 'gurus' (there are a few of them on my list... finding them in a back ally would be nice... as long as they have the cash they stole from me!)  All promising Cheap SEO but of course never delivering..

PS- I'm not really looking for them..

Cheap SEOHaving nothing made it easy to pour myself into trying to learn how to sell online.

Through all my trials and invested time I found a few tricks that I don't think the gurus are willing to share (unless you have your check book out)

I thought I would share one of these... these are only for my subscribers so please do not share this with anyone

Here is what I'll call  - Little Ole SEO Trick #1 - Secret Research Tools to Find What Your Competitors Are Doing!

Cheap SEO is not just for the Gurus!

This little trick has helped me to get a ton of sites up in the search engines!  This is also the key to my Cheap SEO Services

First off you'll need to have Firefox on your computer (don't worry I have a free link to download it) -

Download and install this great browser - Don't worry its been around for years and is 100% Free (I knew you'd like that)

Once you have that installed you'll need to install a awesome plugin - SEO Quake (another free one)

This combination gives you powers that only the gurus have!  Cheap SEO is there for the taking!

I'm going to keep sending out these little secrets until everyone enjoys cheap SEO... I'm done with the gurus and you should be too!

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